Friday, May 26, 2006

to answer the question about our bag.

1:what is up with the side straps?

the side straps allow to tight down the bulk of your load.
say you have for pryority boxes to drop off at usps you fit your bag adjust the side strapes and swing it on and go.this way your load is balance and you know how wide you are so when you need to ride the center lane you do have to think about geting cliped.

2: just how much room is in your bag? is it to big for what i need?

BIG our bag is big we did not set out to make a bag to carry around your labtop and a pen .
we set out to make a bag that woulds allow you to work all day then pick your groserys on your way home.[some city dont have bodagas on every corner].
size of the bag is 24 long-8wide-13 tall .
as for your need well ask your self what are you luging around with you each day-weekends
or both.

3: do you only line in cotton?what other color do you guys use?

we can line a bag in about almost anything[cotton is soft to the touch but we do use silver tarp also].we have a brown bag on ebay we made up for a friend that changed there mind and wanted red yellow and green[ go dreed ]. but we lined that one with super cool fabric thats plastic on one side and soft on the other.super nice bag.
as for colors of the shell what ever you would like ask us im sure we can find a sorce for it.
we will only us 1000 denier nylon on the shell.[keeps out the scum and water]

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

our favorite shop in the city.

what a super group of guy i have a little favoritism for them.
today i got a bug up my ass that i need to have gold chainring bolts for my set of superbe track pro.

so on my way home from the shop i stopped about the little shop fell
man its like walking in to your local pub everybody know everybody.
there is no sir my i help you. its all dude whats up. i like that real lay back i told them what i was looking for and sure enough they said we
will hunt it down for you. now thats cool.
if your in to high-end road bikes then get a grip is the shop for you.
swing by some time grab a cup of joe next-door and check them
out you will not be sorry.

Monday, May 22, 2006


let start by saying i might never take mine off .
cool with a capital K........

our friend wendelicous is making these.if you would like a pair go to ebay and look up messenger knickers or just shoot her an email
heres what she does.
she take a pair of famous brand work pants ["D"] know what im talking about.
cuts the waist band off and remakes it to sit 2"inches lower front to back.
make the belt loops 2"wide to fit the biggest belt.
cuts them off how ever long you would like them[mine are cut to 20" .im 6'4" and there perfect].
she double tacks all the stress points.
the best part is she can get sizes from 30" waist all the way up 54" .
now i order mine on a monday and had them on friday.sure i stop by her place and picked them up.
she will ship world wide and if there to long you can send them back to her[you pay shipping in and out]
and she will shorten them.
as for color your choices are black - tan - brown - charcoal - army-green .she's asking $40.00 for a pair plus $ 5.00 for shipping.
we think that more then fair since there so kool and my mini lock fits right in the back pocket.
click the word knicker to get more info.i place a thing on ebay for her since she does not have the time.
wig supports all bikers. its a little thing called karma

Green skins....

so here's some thing we made up out of some green ripstop cordura we picked up.the fabric is strange stuff its like rubber and tuff as nails the skin should match up to our other cityskin.i might even say its a bit beefier.if you want one email us.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

black skins.............

The black skin is still our classic skin. But we are trying to
get people to look at our other colors mainly because we love to make some thing differnt from time to time.theres been a lot of talk at wig about starting to use cordura for the skin but its hard to brakeaway from the black duck we have been useing for a year now.
not only is it super tuff but when it starts to fade it gives it a look and feel all its own.
motorbike gangs we sell to or should i call them clubs have had us make 60" skins we have yet to have a pic of one in action but be sure as soon as we get one we are going to post it.
if you have any questions email us @
later wig-1

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New at wig

Well new to wig is the ding pad.people are loven it...... its a frame pad thats only 6"long and fits your frame or seat post.
why you ask make a small frame pad? well we think that a 15 to 22"frame pad is just to much. it takes two hands to put on
ya ya most people leave them on all day as your zipping thu the city but why do you need to do so?
so to sweeten it up we put a bit of 2"hi vis tape on it. and this week
we have had our first request for a red one.they came out so cool.
we are getting new colors for our bags so check back soon for pics.
later wig one.