Friday, May 26, 2006

to answer the question about our bag.

1:what is up with the side straps?

the side straps allow to tight down the bulk of your load.
say you have for pryority boxes to drop off at usps you fit your bag adjust the side strapes and swing it on and go.this way your load is balance and you know how wide you are so when you need to ride the center lane you do have to think about geting cliped.

2: just how much room is in your bag? is it to big for what i need?

BIG our bag is big we did not set out to make a bag to carry around your labtop and a pen .
we set out to make a bag that woulds allow you to work all day then pick your groserys on your way home.[some city dont have bodagas on every corner].
size of the bag is 24 long-8wide-13 tall .
as for your need well ask your self what are you luging around with you each day-weekends
or both.

3: do you only line in cotton?what other color do you guys use?

we can line a bag in about almost anything[cotton is soft to the touch but we do use silver tarp also].we have a brown bag on ebay we made up for a friend that changed there mind and wanted red yellow and green[ go dreed ]. but we lined that one with super cool fabric thats plastic on one side and soft on the other.super nice bag.
as for colors of the shell what ever you would like ask us im sure we can find a sorce for it.
we will only us 1000 denier nylon on the shell.[keeps out the scum and water]


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