Monday, May 22, 2006


let start by saying i might never take mine off .
cool with a capital K........

our friend wendelicous is making these.if you would like a pair go to ebay and look up messenger knickers or just shoot her an email
heres what she does.
she take a pair of famous brand work pants ["D"] know what im talking about.
cuts the waist band off and remakes it to sit 2"inches lower front to back.
make the belt loops 2"wide to fit the biggest belt.
cuts them off how ever long you would like them[mine are cut to 20" .im 6'4" and there perfect].
she double tacks all the stress points.
the best part is she can get sizes from 30" waist all the way up 54" .
now i order mine on a monday and had them on friday.sure i stop by her place and picked them up.
she will ship world wide and if there to long you can send them back to her[you pay shipping in and out]
and she will shorten them.
as for color your choices are black - tan - brown - charcoal - army-green .she's asking $40.00 for a pair plus $ 5.00 for shipping.
we think that more then fair since there so kool and my mini lock fits right in the back pocket.
click the word knicker to get more info.i place a thing on ebay for her since she does not have the time.
wig supports all bikers. its a little thing called karma


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