Sunday, September 17, 2006

New bag strap.

this is our new strap design it has taken us a few months to get this one right. The main problem we had with most messenger bags is the tail that hangs off the bag at the bottom. All bag adjustments are done at the chest. You get about 20" to lower your bag with so you can get it over your head and not have to use two hands. Hook and loop run along the strap for some added safety. The top pad runs from your rear deltoid to the bottom of your ribcage displacing all the weight and pressure. The comfort of this is new design is amazing. The top is 3.75 inches wide and it tapers down to 2.25 at you ribs. On the back end you find a 2" tri glide that is padded so no hard plastic cutting in to your hip. We designed this to encompass the body. So bag and body become one.